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We are fourth and fifth generation beekeepers, running a sustainable, family-owned apiary

Mt Adams Honey - Shamera and Clint
Shamera and Clint checking queen bees

We take great pride in building and maintaining healthy bee hives that produce high quality honey and work hard pollinating a variety of fruit and nut crops.

In return we work hard to bring our customers the best products and services we can.

Who we are:

Queen Bee

Shamera Stewart learned beekeeping at an early age from her father. After a career in accounting she has returned to the family business, where she now manages office operations and raises queens. “Coming back has reignited my passion for bees – especially queens.”

In addition to a lifetime of experience, Shamera has taken advanced queen rearing classes from bee breeder-geneticist Susan Cobey, world renowned for her work in trying "to build a better bee". This training has helped Mt Adams Honey raise the kind of genetically diverse queens that are critical to colony health.

Worker Bees -

Clint Carl, Shamera’s son and co-founder of Mt Adams Honey, is also a lifelong beekeeper. He first learned from his grandfather, Russ Bryan. Later Clint gained additional experience and broadened his apiarist education by working for Jackie Park Burris. Clint’s knowledge and know-how has allowed Mt Adams Honey to expand its hives and build an even stronger field force for pollination.

Troy Stewart came into beekeeping more recently. He wasn’t exactly comfortable with bees at first, but then he caught his first swarm and was instantly hooked. He now prefers working in the bee yard surrounded by buzzing bees to anything else we do at Mt Adams Honey. He understands the bee environment and what it takes to keep hives happy and healthy. Troy plays a key role in moving Mt Adams Honey bees from pollination to summer honey yards, and increasing the hive count.

A little family history: Russ and Loretta Bryan were cofounders of Highland Honey Company in the early 1970’s, and then later founded Mt Adams Honey with their grandson Clint. Beekeepers for over 40 years, both Russ and Loretta were passionate about honeybees and the beekeeping industry. Although Russ is now retired he continues to mentor Shamera and Clint.

“He has such enthusiasm for what we’re doing and is so great about sharing his wisdom and expertise,” says Shamera. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without his advice and support.”

Loretta was an artist as well as an ardent beekeeper. She designed and painted the background on the Mt Adams Honey labels. She was also in charge of honey sales for Highland Honey Company and had a honey route that covered western Washington for many years.

Mt Adams Honey

Our apiary is registered with the Washington State Department of Agriculture

Professional Memberships:

American Beekeeping Federation

Washington State Beekeepers Association

California State Beekeepers Association

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